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Sunday 23 November 2008

Wild Weather....

The last week has seen gales, hail, sleet, snow, rain and yes, some sunshine. The snow didn't last for long and there wasn't enough of a covering to make for any decent photos. I love the snow when it's first fallen, all crisp and crunchy, but hate it once it gets to the slushy stage. Though looking at the sheep in the field I feel sorry for them and want to bring them indoors and warm their little feet!

Jasper has enjoyed going out despite the weather, but Button is definitely a fair weather cat - she would go out to do the necessary and shoot back in again. Unfortunately Jasper is still tormenting her so they are being kept apart when I'm not around or I need some peace and quiet. Not sure Jasper will ever accept her. She's quite a bold cat but doesn't fight him until she gets desperate - I think if she stood her ground a bit he might learn his lesson. But I can understand how she feels - I hate conflict too!

I've mainly been working this week, though I did go into Kirkwall on Thursday. There was an inter-isles transport meeting at the council offices - held with island representatives, reps from the ferry company and council officials. Most of what was said had been published in the paper that week so nothing very much was new. Several of the inter-isles ferries are due for renewal and there are various discussions going on about what replacements and changes to service there will be. For Graemsay the plan is to lengthen our ferry, which will enable it to carry more cargo. But unless/until the pier is altered it will still be a lift-0n/lift-off operation for cargo. Apparently there are plans to put in a tidal link-span at the pier so there would be limited "ro-ro" access, but who knows when that will happen - all depends on budgets etc.

While in town I shopped for supplies in case the weather worsened. Visited Tesco and I heard the alarm ringing constantly at the exit but this time it was NOT me. Though I have to confess to joining the "voyeurs" and watching the poor hapless customers being taken to one side. Oooh I know how they feel! Not sure what was triggering it so often this time - can't ALL be customers from A Well Known Chemist!

Did a bit of Christmas shopping, but those of you that know me well know I'm in the "Bah! Humbug!" category. I like the idea of a mid-winter festival, and indeed do celebrate mid-winter with gratitude.... that the nights will then begin to shorten! But I'm not into Christmas at all.


  1. We don't "do" Christmas at our house, either. But I like the idea of a midwinter festival (which, after all, is what Christmas started out as anyway).

    Living on an island and being dependent on the ferry system does make for an interesting life. One definitely has to plan things in advance.

  2. Lists - lots of lists are the answer. And it's amazing what one can do without when forgetting to buy something in the store!