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Tuesday 7 December 2010

Bored now!

The snow almost disappeared over the weekend but then we had an inch or so fall within an hour yesterday! Today has been a bit of a thaw, more snow, thaw, snow, thaw, currently snowing... REALLY bored with this now!

I have plenty of supplies and no real need to get out (thanks to the wonders of the internet I can work from home - I work as a health researcher for UK Universities). However I'm getting "cabin fever" after nearly two weeks of either snow or gales. Whine...moan!  To be fair we haven't had as much snow as the rest of Scotland or the rest of the UK. Though buses on the Orkney mainland have and haven't been running and the airport is open then closed then open! Same with the schools. Yesterday it was announced the schools were open then they closed at mid-day due to the amount of snow falling!

Yesterday was also very beautiful though when it was snowing - huge flakes of snow.  So here are yet more pictures of snow!  And Button - who still likes to come for her morning perambulation with me but is glad we don't go too far!
"The snow is over my paws - can we go in NOW!"


  1. How nice you can work from home! Wonders of the internet. If we had had it 50 years ago my life course might have been very different!
    Your cat Buttons has a most expressive face - do I detect disgruntlement?
    We woke here in coastal Nova Scotia to a light skiff of snow on the ground following a week of rain, gales and storm surges. The woodstove is cranking out heat and I'm grateful for that.

  2. I agree Sian, snow is fabulous for a day or so, but like you I'm getting bored by it now, constantly de-icing things. Luckily we don;t have snow here so can still get about. Keep warm and will look forward to more news of Button's escapades in the snow

  3. Janet - I know it has completely changed the course of MY life! And yes Button has a very expressive face - in face very expressive body posture AND vocalisation! She is a great character to have a company.

    Hope you are keeping warm and snug with your wood stove. I think we have had harsher weather so far than you have from what I've been hearing?!

    Wessex Reiver - It's funny but I thought the whole of the UK was covered till I saw your frosty photos! Though I'm sure you've had similar challenges travelling around!