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Thursday 23 December 2010

Nativity on Graemsay

Last weekend, despite deep snow, folk came together to sing carols in our island community hall. The children also took part in a nativity play.  There are five children on the island (though two are bigger than me!) and each played their part. Laughter was stifled as J. walked down the aisle dressed as a shepherd dragging his "flock" by the foot!  He then sat at the feet of Mary and Joseph, clapping his lamb's feet in time to the music! We all sang along to traditional carols, accompanied on guitar by Irene of Breckan. Then we tucked into tea and home-made mince pies before braving the blizzard which had started up and all made it safely home.

This afternoon it was the Children's Christmas Party. With so few children on the island the adults join in all the party games (some of us even cheat!). But whoever wins there are sweeties and chocolates for all. Santa Claus paid us *another* visit and all the children got gifts. Then it was time for soup, sandwiches and cakes before heading home in icy conditions once again.
The freezing temperatures continue and currently there is a water crisis on the island. Scottish Water engineers have been out each day this week but can't find the source of the leak. We have been told to only use water when essential (!), and the work team are out again tomorrow, possibly with a shipment of water to help folk over the Christmas period. Some crofts have working wells but most of us rely on the public water supply. Fingers crossed they sort out the problem soon or it could be a Smelly Christmas!  Though I don't envy them the task with thick snow and frozen ground...


  1. Hello Sian! No matter what you say:it is a difficult place to live year around. May be for the summer is beautiful, but the winter would not be for me! ( Yeah, I am a little older than you think.)
    Hope you enjoy the entire Holiday season. Best wishes: Julia/bluebird :)

  2. Thanks for your comments Julia. Yes winter is a challenging season. I love the crisp winter - but don't venture far. But I'm lucky to have a warm house and lots of books (and Button!) to curl up with.