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Friday 24 December 2010

A White Christmas....

... is almost certain for Orkney!  We had more snow showers last night, and freezing temperatures overnight so no thaw (and no change in the water shortage situation either!).  Above is the Graemsay Hoy Low Lighthouse taken by a friend from Stromness just outside the town.

The frost has been extraordinary for Orkney. It was absolutely stunning on Wedsnesday - ice crystals standing like miniature forests on every surface.

Frosted lichen

Miniature ice forests on the stone dyke

More ice crystals

Willow branch

Frosted rosehip

And take a look at this YouTube video of the Orkney Winter Solstice 2010 taken by someone called "Red Orkney". RO must live just outside Stromness as you can see the Hoy hills and Hoy Low lighthouse on Graemsay, plus the Hamnavoe coming in and out of Stromness Harbout and our wee Graemsay ferry too.  The photograpy is stunning!

Wishing you all a Happy Festive Season however you choose to spend it.


  1. Merry Christmas, Sian!
    Your photos are beautiful. Stay warm and dry.
    (pssst - I take my Scotch neat, so as not to waste any water!)

  2. Have a wonderful Christmas, Sian. Even here in the southern US, they're predicting a white Christmas. If it happens, it'll be the first one in this area since 1989.

  3. Hello Sian,
    I know Malcolm from the distant past, and he put the RedOrkney video up on his FaceBook page, which you had discovered. These images and music are so beautiful! I'm wondering if you know who the musician is?
    I was on Orkney for just a night over 20 years ago and it has left it's mark on me. I cannot wait until I can return! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing that video.

  4. Your photos are always like little jewels but your last few posts have been especially beautiful. It's a treat to see the images of Orkney in snow and frost and moonlight.

    Do hope you get your water back soon - we have been having similar difficulties but are not at crisis point yet!

    Enjoy your white Christmas.

  5. VioletSky - Have to confess I usually take my scotch neat too if it's a malt!

    MaryZ - Eek snow! Have some of ours....

    Frith - thanks for dropping by. The images and music are beautiful aren't they. I don't know what the music is (or who Red Orkney is either). But I see someone asked on the YouTube page so hopefull s/he will give us an answer!

  6. Dancer - the landscape is just so stunning at the moment! I've been following your tribulations with water (or lack of) - I at least have heating!

  7. Looking for a Happy New Year!Wish you the best Sian!

    At this time a good part of the East Coast of USA is prepering for a"judgment" day and night. More than a foot of snow with high winds are predicted. Hope they are wrong and just saying worse than it will be.
    Here is the post white Christmas in our region. I hope on that sweet home Island the New Year will come friendly.:) J/bb :)