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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Santa comes to Graemsay

It was A Very Blustery Day that Santa chose to visit Graemsay. He hitched a ride on our ferry to give presents to the island's five children, who were waiting at the pier - the wee ones wondering why on earth they had been dragged out of a nice warm house to stand on a very chilly pier. But glum faces turned to smiles once Santa and his elves appeared and the smiles got broader when they realised Santa had brought them presents too! Everyone waved to Santa as he sailed back to Stromness where he was going to visit the children there and bring them some early Christmas presents too.  Then it was into the pier waiting room to munch on warm mince pies and cheesy puffs baked by Daphne at the Manse who had heard via an elf that Santa might visit and came prepared!

Even though I am smaller than two of the island children, I didn't get a present :-(  I said it was probably because he noticed I was too old, but I think I heard someone mutter it was because I'd been naughty and, as we all know, Santa only brings presents to good children ;-)

PS - I'm very pleased to see that Santa shops at the Co-op!!


  1. Love the idea of Santa coming by boat!

    The mincemeat pie I make no longer has actual meat in it - just darkly spiced chopped fruits - and one of our favorites. What's in an Orkney "mince pie"?

  2. Our UK "mince pies" are the same as yours. In fact I hadn't realised until a few years ago that they *would* have had mince *meat* in them.... ugh!!

  3. Happy Santa Holidays! In many ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice--- the way I see it.
    "Joy to the world
    The solstice comes
    the Almighty Sun
    shines on everyone"

    Love and hugs:

  4. Ho Ho ho - good to see Santa has arrived early in the Orkneys, time to head back to Lapland and hitch Rudolph to the sleigh.

    As Blue bird says, just a few days to the Solstice, which I celebrate, and from then on in, the days get longer and longer and everyone smiles when the sun shines.

    And Sian I can't imagine you'd ever be so naughty you'd not get a present...:-)

  5. Sian listen:
    this is blogging! I just picked up from the coments the Wessex Reiver to find very many things in common!
    No, the snow does not belong for now anyway, but the other things.
    it is a wonderful world all over us.
    2010 Deceber 21 23:38 GT is Solstice! Glory to the SUN.