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Monday 27 December 2010


The situation is now really critical on Graemsay as our water tank is registering no water. There is some water in the pipes but folk are trying to reserve that for farmers with cattle. There is still plenty of bottled water to go around but thhere have been NO Scottish Water Engineers on the island since last Thursday. Our ferry ran from Stromness this morning as usual but no engineers on board.

To rub salt into the wound, the village of Holm outside Kirkwall on the Orkney Mainland had their water go off this morning, and Scottish Water engineers turned up and sorted out the problem by lunch time!

All Scottish Water Emergency Phone Numbers just give us soothing music then cut off.  Really don't know what to do - as with all the utility companies you just phone a central number so you can't get to speak with anyone to find out what is happening. It's very frustrating - and worrying for the farmers etc.

Feeling very frustrated about the situation.....!


  1. Sorry to hear of your problem, hope they get it sorted soon. You are having a fun winter.

  2. Sorry to hear about your water problem. We take it for granted that when we turn on the tap the water will flow. I hope it is sorted out soon. I have just discovered your blog and look forward to reading it in the new year.

  3. oh dear, good luck with that, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you:(

  4. if this looks like it might happen again some day, consider doing what we old-time Floridians did when hurricanes were on the way: Fill the bathtub with water. You'll at least have enough for some of the basics.

  5. Oh dear.
    I hope you will not have to do what Kevin Costner's character in Water World did!

  6. Sian, that sounds awful! The No. 1 thing you can't live without for very long is water. How frustrating! My fingers are crossed for your water to flow again soonest.

  7. Oh my, how unfair! Would they listen to you if you hit the panic button, since you're a researcher there? You probably know the ones people listen to, is who screams the loudest:)

  8. Walrus21 - yes extreme weather is always challenging!

    Trisha - Welcome - do visit again. Yes I am hoping I remain more aware about how much water I use once we get out mains supply back. But some memories fade fast - sigh.

    Desperate Reader - thanks! Still no water but we are optimistic it will be sorted...sometime!

    Jean S - There is natural water on the island too - but it's getting it into the house which is a problem! Usually if we get warnings we do fill up with water, but the water board didn't tell us till it had gone "critical" and we wanted to save what water there was for the livestock.

    Katie- oh dear I haven't watched Water WOrld and maybe I should look for it just now?!

    Pat - it's amazing just how much is needed even for simple things!

    Jeanette - we couldn't get through to anyone at the water board at all. However, see today's entry, I did manage to get hold of someone via Facebook! Ooooh the wonder of the web!!