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Tuesday 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice and I greeted the sun rise this morning as it rose above the croft at Windreck on Graemsay at 9.10am.  The rest of Orkney also saw the lunar eclipse this morning but our wee island was shrouded in thick freezing fog so I saw nothing. This was a special eclipse, falling on the Winter Solstice so I was sad to miss it. But I imagined the moon turning blood red through the mist, and thought of all the people over the millennia who saw this as a sign that the Ancient Gods were giving fertility back to the earth again. However I consider myself lucky to have enjoyed last night's rising moon, stars, and still air, listening to the geese calling from near the shore, and then watched the sun rise on the solstice - magical!

Hoy High Lighthouse emerging from the mist

Sandside Bay


  1. Nice photos, sorry you missed the eclipse!

  2. We couldn't see the eclipse, either . 8^(

    Love the lighthouse photo!

  3. What stunning photos, especially as you won't get much snow normally there. Happy Christmas and keep taking those fab photos :-)

  4. Our longest day here was hot and incredibly humid - thankfully the humidity dropped massively so Thursday was just hot up here at my Folks' place.

    Sending you extra warm Christmas care and huggles, with a respectfull pat or chin tickle for Button,

    michelle xxx

  5. Dafi - thanks for stopping by. The photos on your blog are amazing!

    MaryZ - I was so disappointed I didn't see it as for once it was at a reasonable time ;-)

    Wessed Reiver - I just loved the ice crystals. Realy magical

    Mickle - heat... hmm can't remember what natural heat feels like any more!! Button appreciated the chin tickle!

  6. Your winter solstice shot is captured it beautifully!