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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Bumble at the Lighthouse...

This is a picture of the wee "caddy" lamb at the lighthouse. She's been bottle fed having been orphaned, and the children at the lighthouse have been leading her around with a collar and lead. The other orphan lambs have gone back into the flock but as she's become such a "pet" she's being kept back till she's a wee bit bigger. Meanwhile she's living down at the lighthouse at the back of one of the houses there and apparently wakes the children up in the morning shouting for her breakfast!

I met Bumble today when I went down to the post office which is in the garden at the lighthouse. Yes Graemsay has it's own post office even though we are an island of only 26.  And yes we have our own postman too - he lives at the lighthouse.  Post office opening hours Monday and Friday from something like 7.30am to 8.30am - I'm vague about the time as I am highly unlikely to be awake enough to want to even *visit* a post office at that time of the morning! Fortunately the post office is also open on a Wednesday from 11.30 to about 12.30, and that's when I pay a visit! Unlike post offices in most towns, you are not likely to encounter a queue at ours :-)

Today I also had some visitors from "south" - well Aviemore in the Highlands. V & G hadn't been to Orkney for about 12 years and this was also their first visit to Graemsay. Fortunately the sun shone upon us and we went for a walk along the beach and up to the old Quarry.

This evening I was working in the garden and heard the sound of cattle "shouting" - lots of bellowing from cows and calves. I looked up to see some cattle being moved onto fresh pasture. I love watching this - the cattle trot about and the calves gallop around. Eventually all settle down to grazing on fresh grass - happy cattle.  I heard the bull mumbling too (well OK a low kind of mooing), I think he was just checking all his ladies were present!

There have been some lovely sunsets this past week, the one below was from Monday - it looks blurred but actually that is the tide moving (honest!).

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