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Sunday 19 June 2011

"You're not helping!"

.... is basically what I told Button(s) this afternoon.  I was attempting to put up the fleecy cloche over my supposed carrots.  She thought this was a wonderful cosy new sleeping place.

Then I moved onto sorting out the peas, most of which have been eaten by slugs so a resowing required I fear. But their growth is NOT helped by Princess Button(s) sitting on top of them!  The netting is down to stop the chickens eating them and scratching them up..... Buton(s) clearly thinks she had better keep watch too....sigh....

As you can see my crops are well behind those of you growing veggies in the South of England! Generally in Orkney we don't plant much before June as the ground hasn't warmed up enough. 


  1. she thinks she is such a good guard kitty! she is so misinformed of her duties.

  2. What a great photo at the top
    of your post, where is that.

  3. Dear Button - her human is providing such lovely kitty-cat snoozling places!

  4. VioletSky - well I did tell her she was chief "Pest Controller" when she first came to live here - she clearly thinks greenfly come within her remit too :-)

    Pat - I've added a bit in a later post. It's "the road home"!

    Mickle - yes I suspect snoozing is more the order off the day than "pest control"!