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Thursday 2 June 2011


A bit of randomness today as I'm busy with work and brain a bit worn out this evening!  Above is a grey seal that was on the beach near the pier the other day. Most of the seals around Graemsay are grey seals although there are some "common" or harbour seals around, but I haven't seen them so often.

I love hearing the seals "singing" when they are hauled out on the rocks. There are usually a group of them together (like the photo below) and they snort, cough and "sing" to each other. It's one of my favourite sounds in the evening. 

The seals will often stay ashore until the tide comes in and lifts them off the rocks. They lift their heads and tails out the water and look like bananas!  Someone said they were lazy but when you think about it - when they are not ashore they are swimming, so who can blame them for a "lie in" - not me!

The grey seals pup in September and they can be seen with their pups along the shore. A lot of the seals used to come and bask on Sandside beach in the summer, however they now seem to prefer the more rocky shoreline. But they can often be spotted bobbing in the water as I walk along the beach.

Time for a cup of tea and to sit and watch the sunset (Sunset tonight is 2211 compared with 2109 in London, sunrise is 0410 compared with 0449 in London).


  1. Lovely, Sian. Reminds me of watching the seals basking on the sanbanks in the Kyle of Tongue when we were in Scotland recently. They aren't always there and I don't know where they disappear to, but there were plenty there in April.

  2. And with days as long as yours, you deserve a bit of a rest as well!

  3. Lordy! Those days are long. Is it ever dark enough to sleep?

  4. Even with your brain in second
    gear, still a lovely post.

  5. Hi Sian! I live in Bologna, city of the oldest university in Europe. Today the weather was weird, we had clouds and wind. Normally it is very warm, even hot at this time of the year!
    I like seals as well. I saw them in Argentina and in Malahide, Co. Dublin.

  6. Perpetua - Oooh yes I love the Kyle of Tongue.

    VioletSky - thank you :-)

    JeanZ - I have a "blackout" blind in my bedroom and have the bedroom door open just enough to admit Button, otherwise I do find it hard to sleep!

    Pat - thank you!

    Silvia - Bologna is a beautiful city I believe. Though I haven't visited. I envy you warmth and sunshine but probably not the really hot weather!