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Saturday, 4 June 2011

What I love about gardening...

.... is that I can put some seeds into some compost and magic happens - they grow!! Above are my wee courgette seedlings. Given the amount of daylight we have now they grow at an alarming rate - sometimes I think I've planted triffids the speed with which they grow! 

Although my garden is near to the shore and quite exposed I have so far been successful in growing courgettes outdoors. The peas, beans, tatties (potatoes), and shallots are doing well in the garden and the salad crop is coming along too.  Sadly the gooseberries got hit by the winds and dropped a lot of their fruit....sigh.....

But that's gardening "on the edge" so to speak.  And if you are wondering what my seed tray is sitting upon..... it's a treadmill of course! Sitting quietly in the conservatory (and yes I know the picture on the wall is crooked, I just noticed that and must go and straighten it!) In the winter the treadmill is essential for my exercise as some days it's way too windy to set foot outdoors.  Like most folk with exercise equipment at home it doesn't get used as much as it probably should, but I DO use it!  However in the summer I prefer my exercise outdoors, walking along the shore or gardening (that's a good cardio-vascular workout in itself!).  Button of course just sleeps.....


  1. There is nothing like growing
    your own, it has that taste you
    can never buy. Love your gym,
    and the picture looks fine.

  2. Hi Sian! I was having a look at your 2008 older posts and saw some pictures of another cat: Jasper! Is he still with you?

  3. Pat - yes I just love the taste of carrots fresh from the ground. I only grow a small selection of veggies but I do so enjoy the process and the end product!

    Silvia - Ah yes Jasper.... well he bullied dear Button so in the end he was rehomed as an "only" cat to a lovely new home where, last I heard, he was very happy. I then got another cat, Charlie, but he turned out to be a very shy boy and almost feral. He escaped from the house and has chosen to live in the barn. Eventually he tamed down and has a fuss and ear rub before his breakfast in the barn each morning. But I rarely see him other than that. So Button reigns supreme!

  4. Ok spill the courgettes, how do you manage them outdoors here?! I've had no luck at all. Seeds are ace aren't they?

  5. Well my courgettes probably don't crop as well as if they were in a polytunnel, but I've only ever grown them outdoors here so don't have anything to compare! But I *do* have a 5ft high dry stane dyke to project them somewhat...... that and netting....