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Saturday, 25 June 2011


These photos were taken a few days ago on an evening ferry home. Above is Hoy High lighthouse. Below the sun is setting on the entrance to Scapa Flow

And here we have the hills of Hoy wearing a hat for the occasion!


  1. How beautiful! I live and work on Skye, having lived and worked in West Sussex and London! I have not yet visited the Orkneys and it is on my list of places to visit in the next 5 years!
    Thank you for this lovely blog.

  2. Glorious. The first one looks like a Turner painting. Our sunsets have just been slow deepenings of blue recently, though I do love the fact that it's still light outside at nearly 11pm.

  3. Looking at your photos, its not
    hard to see why you went to live
    in the far north.

  4. Ann -Welcome to Graemsay! gosh you live in a beatufiul place too! Do hope you get to visit Orkney one day.

    DB - I too love the late sunsets. It barely gets dark here at the moment which is wonderful (though I need a blackout blind in the bedroom to be able to sleep!).

    Pat - yes it IS such a beautiful place. I don't like hot temps so I'm happy with our cooler climate, though I'd like this summer to get a *little* warmer before too long, please ....