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Sunday 5 June 2011

Busy in the garden...

It's been a glorious weekend with lots of sunshine and folk complaining it's "too hot"!  I've managed to get some more digging and weeding done in the garden, as well as taking the opportunity to sit on my new garden bench a time or two!  Though it has to be said I shall probably sit more upon my wee John Deere tractor mower than I will upon the bench the rate the grass is growing!

Irene from Breckan and Mary from Windywalls came round this afternoon for tea and cake and a perambulation around the garden. Button, of course, put in an appearance and posed for Irene's camera....

Irene also took this beautiful photo of one of the flowers in my garden

And this one of the ladies, who had obviously heard there was cake on the menu and were heading for the kitchen with the cockerel trailing behind.....


  1. Lovely photos, Sian and how green it all looks, especially with the lovely blue sky above. You must have a big patch of grass if you need a tractor to mow it. Have you thought of using sheep instead?

  2. What great photos. It sure looks different from when we were there!

  3. My dream, a girl with her own
    tractor, and is so green in the

  4. Hello Sian:
    A tractor mower for the grass must mean that you have a serious amount of lawn to contend with. It must be rather like the Forth Bridge....once you arrive at the end then the beginning needs atention.

    But, how wonderfully green and luxuriant everything looks. You obviously live in such glorious countryside.

    Your cakes must be the talk of the island as everyone, including the chickens seem to be very keen to have a slice!

    We are so pleased to have found you via Perpetua and have enjoyed reading your wonderfully varied blog. Yours is a part of the UK about which we know very little and so we look forward to finding out more.

  5. Perpetua - Graemsay is always known as the "green isle" even in Orkney. We have very fertile land. But yes we have been having RAIN when other parts of the country are parched. Though I think in your part of the country you have had rain too? And yes I have lots of grass - garden is 100 ft x 100ft, mostly laid to lawn for now for easy maintenance and probably about twice that outside the garden. The walled garden used to be a sheep lambing pen before it was "reclaimed"! But I exclude the sheep now as they eat my precious plants as well as the grass.....

    Bev - hmmm time you paid another visit?!

    Pat - yes lots of lovely lush grass that keeps me busy with mowing :-)

    Jane and Lance - welcome to GRaemsay! I hope you enjoy "visiting" here. Yes it is a stunning part of the world and yes I have lots of grass to mow (see comment above to Perpetua)..... Don't know about my cakes being anything special - hens are renowned for eating most things and I swear they don't have any taste buds :-)

  6. Gorgeous photo of Button, she looks very contented. Your garden looks gorgeous too with all that green. I don't often comment but I always read your blog & I do love seeing the hens & Button.