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Tuesday 21 June 2011

The road home....

.... is probably the name I should give to the photo at the top of my blog. This shows the island "main road" leading from the pier westwards. At the bottom of the hill is my home. Across the water (known as "Hoy Sound") is the town of Stromness, nestling within the bowl of the hills. The fields in the photo are covered in buttercups - a very good year for them. The thing that looks like an oil rig in the left of the picture is in fact "Excalibur" - no, no, not the King Arthur version! This one is a "jack-up" barge which is involved in a renewable energy installation at Billia Croo, West of Stromness (more about that in a later post).

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  1. Hello Sian, just to say that I absolutely love your new header photo! It's really great.