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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Full moon over Hoy Hills

Last night there was a clear sky and a beautiful full moon. Above is a photo taken of the moon hanging over the Hoy Hills. This was at 5am in the morning.... I am not normally acquainted with this time of day, but suffice to say Button The Cat is entirely responsible.  I heard her yowling in the hallway downstairs, that kind of Mother Cat - "Come here Kittens I have food" kind of yowl..... this gets me out of bed faster than any alarm clock as I want to prevent her delivering - um - breakfast in bed!

Anyway she presented me with a dead mouse and was very pleased with it. I explained that 5am is a little too early for breakfast for me and suggested she ate it herself, opening the front door to let her go and eat it on the step.... and that's when I saw the moon and why I was, again, standing outdoors in my pyjamas taking photos....

Having devoured the aforementioned mouse, Button then demanded breakfast  - clearly that was just a snack....sigh....


  1. What a fabulous photo. It must be the time of the full moon, it was spectacular on Sunday night in Wiltshire too, I sat outside for half an hour at 3am looking for meteors (and failed). The full moon does do strange things, as Molly and veteran cat brought in a bird to devour. Most pleasant to find on monday morning!!

  2. I love watching the moon waxing and waning so it was a delight to see the full moon hanging over the hills, even though it was an unspeakable time of the morning! Button however doesn't need the excuse of a full moon to catch anything....sigh.