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Monday 8 August 2011

Gale Force 7-8

Just to show that it isn't always sunny in is a photo of a windy day in summer....note the leaning bushes.....sigh...and yes this is SUMMER.....

I've rescued my flower tubs and put them in the shed and have apologised to my peas and beans - they weren't expecting THIS when they came out the packet of seeds...... not sure how long this will last.  And of course it's hay making and silage cutting time - not much of that happening at the moment. Though as you can see in the photo above the neighbouring farmer managed to get one field of bales made this weekend.

It's such a shame as this week is Agricultural Show Week for many of the isles and parishes, with the West Mainland Show in Dounby on Thursday and the County Show at Kirkwall on Saturday.  I hope the weather cheers up for everyone. So much work goes into the shows!

Here's a YouTube short film of a County Show Day of a year or two ago. It's an agricultural show - so if you're a vegetarian or don't like seeing livestock then fast forward through!  The narrator has a real Orcadian lilt. Click here to watch


  1. Loved the clip of the show. We have our fair share of our local shows at the moment and love going to them. - But the weather......I think we have had gales that might have matched yours.

  2. Thanks, that was great, pse keep
    them coming.

  3. That looks like some wind! I loved the u-tube of the show; seems as the cattle didn't mind a full scale soaping and wash down, but didn't like the idea of going home again.

  4. The Youtube video was fun to watch and I loved the narrator's accent!

  5. Harriet - I just love the local shows. When I lived in the South of England the "county" shows were huge, I much prefer smaller local ones. Sorry you've had gales too....

    Pat - glad you are enjoying the posts!

    Shirlwin - I too thought it was funny that the cattle quite happily stood around having a "shampoo and set" but didn't want to go home!

    Sue - The accent is wonderful. I love the Orcadian accent, it's more akin to a Welsh lilt than the more usual Scottish accent.