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Saturday 6 August 2011

Summer sunset

These photos were taken this evening at different stages of the sunset. I just *love* sitting watching the sun setting across the water. Tonight there was not even a breeze to stir the water, just the currents and the tide. Beautiful!

It's been a lovely warm sunny day after a week or so of gloomy weather. I had a visitor today. C was on her first visit to Orkney and came over to Graemsay for the day. We had a lovely time just pottering around (we decided that "pottering around" was an excellent thing to do). We pottered on both the beaches, looking at shells and flowers, and pottered down at the kirk looking at headstones (and marvelling at the ages of the inhabitants - many lived well into their 80s and that was at the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th for many of them - not an easy feat when crofting often meant eeking out an existence with a little land). We pottered around the garden too.

Anyway to round off a lovely day -here are the sunset pictures, with the sunset beginning and then culminating in the picture above. I think the clouds help make sunsets special and unique.  And last night apparently the Northern Lights could be seen over Orkney. Sadly they appeared way past my bedtime so I missed them this time.....


  1. What a pastoral life you must lead And there are only 23 people on your island? I live in a smog island of 1.5 million in Nashville Tn. But outside the city the countryside is lovely, even when it has been over 95F all summer. There are no cooling summer breezes here.This is like Borneo. Anyway, I enjoyed you sunset photos.

  2. How absolutely beautiful. Being a person of good sense, I'm sure that you spend a great deal of time on Graemsay just looking out at sunrises and sunsets. Time very well spent!

  3. Great sunsets - they were one of the great things about living in northern Sweden, as we did for about 5/6 years until recently. Also the Aurora - great sight, though we only witnessed it on deepest, cold, cold winter nights!

  4. Betsy - Welcome! Glad you enjoyed the photos. I can't imagine living in such extreme temps however beautiful the scenery .Although I moan about our not very warm summers I think I'll stay where I am :-)

    DB - I probably spend more time looking at sunsets than sunrise - except in winter when it has the decency to rise at a reasonable time!

    Iain - We get to see the Aurora here too quite often, though obviously better displays in winter when it is darker. I have to confess to being a bit blase about them now and only want to be notified of them if they arrive before midnight!