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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Making hay....

though not much sun shining!  This summer in Orkney, as in the rest of the UK has not been one of the best.  "Unsettled", "changeable" are words you hear on the weather reports. Therefore it's not been the best of growing seasons either.  In April it was very warm, then it's been fairly cool, right down to darned cold, some sunshine, but not that much rain. 

Anyway the hay was being cut from my field behind the house ready for winter fodder for a neighbour's cattle. But cutting of silage is slow and these last few days there have been quite a lot of rain showers, so not ideal cutting weather.  We now also have the "haar" (sea mist) hanging around, so although it's pleasantly warm you can't see more than a few yards ahead!  Ho Hum... that's British weather for you!

Although we are in the far north of the UK we are fortunate to have the Gulf Stream which keeps our temperatures "moderate" in Orkney, even in the winter.  But a little more of "summer" would be nice too!


  1. Experienced the Orkney 'Summer' first hand a week or so ago - was sorry not to have the chance to get in touch but plans were changeable (a bit like the weather, and we weren't on our own. Hopefully next time.

  2. Haymaking is a lovely rural activity ... but it reminds us that colder weather is on its way.

  3. DR - Sorry we didn't get to meet up! Hopefully next time!! But hope you had a good time anyway?

    Shirlwin - sigh....I know, I know....