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Sunday 28 August 2011

It's no hurricane but it's wet and windy!

What a change in the weather from Friday!  Overnight there was about 10mm of rain, and wind gusting to approx 40mph.  It's still very blustery and wet outdoors. I know we don't get the best of weather in Orkney, but really this is "unseasonal" even for Orkney! AND the phone is off (mine only it would appear as neighbours seem to be OK).  A "duvet day" I think...... move over Button!!


  1. 'a duvet day' August! I hope you have battened down the hatches.

  2. I was wondering about you Orcadians as I looked out at our own gale this morning! Yeuch. I've got a winter jumper on and feeling fed up with this non-summer. At least in September we can feel less abnormal in lighting the wood stove. Hope this blows over soon...