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Tuesday 30 August 2011

"Summer time and....

....the living is easy" to quote one of my favourite Gershwin songs. However it's probably only true for cats and chickens....sigh.  These photos were taken last week before Autumn hit us with gales and 2 inches of rain in 24 hours at the weekend!  Above is Button who, being a canny cat, has found the warmest part of the garden - the compost heap!

Brown Hen having a well deserved snooze after laying eggs and scratching for worms.

 These are some of the young(ish) chicks also enjoying the sunshine. (This summer the hens have hatched 30, yes 30 chicks between them!)

 While the real babies of the flock are learning to forage for themselves

Snoozing among the flowers

This is one of the oldest of the chicks (Light Sussex breed)

While the hens and cat snooze *I* was busy digging up dinner!


  1. Oh, and I thought our weather was being bad, Sian! We didn't quite make it to 2 inches, but had an inch and a half last Monday when we had an amazing thunderstorm. Lovely pictures and I do envy you the chicks. I never managed to have any when I kept hens....

  2. Perpetua -Sorry you've had bad weather too! I love watching thunderstorms, though fear for my broadband! As it was I lost the phone for a few days, but broadband kept working thankfully! I am awash with chicks, quite unintentionally.... can't move for them!