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Tuesday, 15 November 2011


..... is the name of my barn cat. It does what it says on the tin as the advert says! Charlie came to stay about 3 years ago. The plan was he'd be a companion for Button(s). However he turned out to be almost totally feral and a very shy boy, who made a run for it at the first opportunity (or open door). Since then he has chosen to remain in the barn. It has to be said it is a very desirable residence. As you can see from the photo above, it has a sea view. There's also lots of warm cosy hay bales to snooze in. Plenty of mice to snack upon. And of course he gets breakfast in bed each morning along with lots of fuss. It took a long time but now he quite happily let's me stroke him and make a big fuss of him. He's not keen on being picked up but at least he lets me near him now! Interestingly he never comes near the house, and only comes up to me when he thinks he'll be fed.  No food - no Charlie!

The morning feeding routine has become a little hectic of late. All of my hens successfully raised their respective broods of chicks. This means I now have about 40 hens!  With just one cockerel - he's a busy boy!  Naturally the hens also had male chicks but these were - um- despatched by a neighbour a few weeks ago. Sadly no one has much need for cockerels and they start to fight each other from an early age.  Anyway - the chicks have grown up into young hens - multi-coloured because although the cockerel is a Light Sussex, the hens are a variety of breeds.  Now....I just need to find homes for some of them!


  1. I rather like the look of Charlie-in-the-barn, Sian. It is possible to tame feral cats, but only so far unless you start when they're very young. One of our 4 feral kittens in France this summer became tame enough to sit by the front door looking hopefully for food. In fact, on our very last day he even let me stroke him for a moment with one finger.

    I'm deeply envious of your success in chick rearing. We had hens which went broody and sat, but nary a chick....

  2. Oh Sian, chooks are gorgeous. Ok name your price what's the chocolate to chook rehoming ratio........:) we'll happily swap you for some of those fine looking young hens. X

  3. Perpetua - Charlie has become much friendlier over the couple of years I've had him. But he was a rescued adult male from the local cat protection so think he'd already learned is nervous behaviour around humans. He does enjoy his fuss, but given Princess Buttons prefers being an only cat it's probably just as well he's happier in the barn!

    Orkneyflowers -ooooh a small bar of choccy for a chooky would be fine! Besides remember I'm giving you some as presents for your new job! We just need to arrange delivery (er and capture....).