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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Send Chocolate!!

My name is Sian and I am a Chocoholic....sigh....and earlier this week I ran out of chocolate. You can imagine the calamity this is when one lives on a remote Scottish island... thankfully one of my friends on the Orkney Mainland took pity on me and sent me the above package!  As you can see I couldn't wait to start on it!

Well you know what they say - there's nothing better than a good friend, except a good friend with chocolate!

OK I' exaggerating slightly about my addiction and my desperation when I ran out!  But I'd been feeling a bit sore (I have a long term chronic musculoskeletal condition) and weary from a couple of nights not sleeping so well, as well as work being busy. So I *was* missing my chocolate fix!  It was delightful to get my post in the morning and find a bag of CHOCOLATE in it!

I'm back to true form now so blog post should be a little more frequent again......but first..... I feel the need for a few squares of chocolate.....


  1. Dear lady - I've a chocolate mountian here than well, could actually be a mountain.

    Email me your address - I'll mail you a bit of our stash, can't have you running out can we?

    However, a better thought, I guess given our proximity - if you sent a tame, non chocolate liking carrier seagull or the cat in a pea green boat - either could collect for you.

    I'll await your instruction.


  2. Poor Sian, now that's what I call a real emergency! What it is to have good friends willing to share their supplies of chocolate. Sorry you've been feeling a bit rough and hope you can get a few better nights very soon. Life always seems worse when you're tired on top of everything else.

  3. What a fantastic friend! We could all do with a few such people in our lives. Your tale of woe makes me feel very lucky that I am within reach of the Tesco delivery van!

    Like you, I am a chocoholic. All things in moderation and all that, but I really believe that there are times of physical or emotional stress when there is no shame in self-medicating with Dairy Milk. Or any other chocolate that comes to hand. Hope your parcel helped.

  4. OrkneyFlowers - oooh how can anyone have a chocolate MOUNTAIN??? It doesn't last long enough in my hoose to gain any height! Thank you for your kind offer. Maybe we should arrange an exchange at CheckPoint Charlie?!

    Perpetua - yes feeling much better thanks. Amazing what a good night's sleep can do! Like many folk I don't "do" tired very well.

    DB - So glad you understand! I must remember to stock up for winter - or the postman might get a hernia delivering emergency parcels! Tee Hee!