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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Dreich weather

The old Scots word "dreich" is descriptive (an onomatopoeia (sounds like it is) if every I heard one). Today the weather is very dreich as you can see from the photo above.  And now the wind is really getting up again. The last couple of days have been wild (weather wise). Severe gales, thunder, lightening and the consequent power cuts, and loss of TV and (oh calamity!) radio too.  Thankfully only for a short period of time.

I've very glad I live in an old stone house with thick walls and a secure roof (well it should be - I saw it being put on during the renovations and it looks fairly secure, fingers crossed).

There's an island birthday party tonight in the hall so hope the wind settles a bit so folk can get to it OK!

Below  - and so it goes on....... boats cancelled and time to hunker down in the warm.

Note - according to an online Urban Dictionary : Dreich is a combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. At least 4 of these adjectives must apply before the weather is truly dreich. Yup - I think it is truly dreich today!!


  1. Hi Sian good to catch up with the doings of the northern isles. No comment on the PJ's in the breeze, but the harvest supper looked good. I heard about the weather on Thursday, at least the wind blows the mist away. I use the word mizzly, dort of mix of misty, drizzly and grizzly. Love the banner photo too - what town's that in the background?

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  3. Wessex Reiver - good to hear from you! Ah yes - I've heard of mizzly too. Another very descriptive word!
    The town in the background is Stromness, one of my favourite places in Orkney:

  4. Aha, I thought you might be having 'a bit of weather' just now! It's been vile here but you'll have had more of the wind. We've had sleet and there is snow on the hills. Here's hoping your radio stays with you: as long as that keeps going, you won't feel entirely cut off in your hibernation!

  5. Has been pretty 'dreich' here in Wales as well lately, although sun is forecast for tomorrow - fingers crossed. Looks like it can get pretty wild up there!

  6. It looks like an afternoon to spend by the fire, bit miserable but time to hunker down for winter
    I love yr PJ pic!

  7. Dancing Beastie - I can deal with no TV, but no RADIO! Arrgh! Hope the winter isn't too bad in your neck of the woods this year....

    JEremy - Hope you got your sunshine. I have many happy memories of school hols spent on the Gower so I love seeing your photos.

    Oxslip - I hunkered by a metaphorical fire (don't have an open fire for various reasons), but house warm and cosy, and a comfy sofa, what more could I need!