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Monday, 14 November 2011

Winter sun over Graemsay

I took these photos as the sun was slipping towards sunset...... I love the drama of sunset and clouds! Above is the Manse on Graemsay. I don't think a Minister ever lived here, but apparently Missionaries would come and stay for a while - um I think that was as a bit of a holiday rather than to convert the "natives"...but who knows! Anyway the Church of Scotland sold it many years ago. Also in these photos disappearing under the cloud are the Hoy Hills.

All the photos were taken within about a minute.


  1. Your sunset photos are always gorgeous, Sian. I love watching the sun set across the Kyle here, with Varich Castle and Ben More silhouetted against the sky. Such beauty....

  2. Sian- I have been nominated for a "Versatile Blogger Award". In return I am to nominate five other bloggers. I wanted to know if you minded if I nominated you. I will not do it without permission. My email is

  3. We had sun today? As I pulled weeds out in a new garden in kw I'm working on, in drizzle, I saw no sun. Yours is gorgeous though!

  4. Perpetua - Oooh yes having the mountains silhouetted is magnificant! I so love mountains. I didn't get my "fix" this year....sigh....

    Betsy - Thanks Betsy - I've emailed you.

    Orkneyflowers - Um...the photos were LAST night's sun...... but...we didn't have rain today on Graemsay. Though as I've often said before - the sun always shines on Graemsay ;-) Serves you right for going through to KW - hehehehehe