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Monday, 13 February 2012

Diving in Scapa Flow

Noooo - not ME!  But I found this short film via Orkney Live on Facebook and thought I'd share it with you.

Scapa Flow is very popular because of the various wrecks that were deliberately sunk here during the wars - some as part of the scuttling of the German Fleet and some to block the movement of U-Boats, while the British Naval Fleet was anchored here. These later ships were often known as "Block Ships" and some stood just above the water line. There was one off Graemsay right up until a few years ago when it sank below the water line.  More on the ships here and here.  Any ship where there was a loss of life, such as the "Royal Oak" are war graves and diving is forbidden.

The film starts with the journey of  a group of divers last September from Germany, arriving in Scrabster then across to Stromness, which is the heart of the tourism diving industry in Orkney.  There is some film down among the wrecks, lovely undersea flora and fish; a visit to the Scapa Flow Museum; and then a stunning few minutes footage of diving with seals!


  1. I really enjoyed the swimming with the seals. Amazing footage. Thanks.

  2. Both this and your previous post. Another glimpse into a world I would not see, but for your blog. I wouldn't even KNOW about such a wonderful area.

    The film was fun to watch. The seals! Thank you.

  3. You find some great things to
    show us, thank you.

  4. I thought you'd been diving.........he he he. Given my bandwidth, I can't watch it til lAter, but sounds fun!

  5. Bonny - Glad you enjoyed it. I love seeing the seals around the shore. I can't imagine what it's like to SWIM wit them!

    Jeannette - Glad you enjoyed it!

    Pat - the benefits of social networking and the interwebby things!

    Mrs Flowers - you must be joking! If the sea was the temperature of a warm bath you MIGHT get me up to my shoulders in it but that's a deep as I'll go!!

  6. Am I the only one who finds it amusing that they're GERMAN tourists ?

  7. Sybil - well it can seem ironic I know. But generations move on. Plus as "colonial" Britains - we do the same too in many other countries ;-)