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Sunday, 26 February 2012


Well it's still a little early for Spring but everything is bursting forth.  Above are some delicate crocus - fortunately safely tucked under the trees, nestled in last year's leaves and dead grass.

The willow trees are covered in furry buds too. I do fear for them - a severe wind and the law will be scattered with fluffy buds - I speak from experience.  Though the trees do seem to recover.  Everything is so early due to such a mild (though wet and windy) winter.  When I first visited Orkney in May 1999 the daffodils were still out, along with the summer plants. The winter had been so bad everything was very late.

And here - you are never alone when you have hens......

And this one has gone off alone to rootle around near the shore. You can see we suffer from coastal erosion. About 40 years ago apparently you could drive a tractor past these buildings, now they are slowly slipping onto the shore.


  1. Spring ... it will be April before we see crocus coming up here and blossoms on trees even longer. Sigh ... I wish my computer had a "scratch and sniff" screen.

  2. You look to be a lot closer to spring than we are down here, Sian. It's been so much milder for you most of the winter and here we've still got not much more than snowdrops showing. Still, it will be March at the end of the week so spring can't be too far away. :-)

  3. Stumbled upon your blog the other day, really enjoy it. Keep up the good work, I am learning alot about the islands.

  4. Sybil - Spring is usually much later in Orkney, indeed in the rest of the UK. It's a bit of a freak this year...

    Perpetua - At least the days are lengthening! And yes Spring can't be far away for the rest of the UK either - hopefully. Though I see in the far south there is talk of drought conditions already...sigh... wish I could ship some of our rain down there!

    bikehaxor - welcome! I hope you continue to enjoy what your read.:-)

  5. Spring is coming freakishly early, isn't it? We have buds and crocuses too, normally not out until April.
    I love your shot of the house with the pretty black hen and pussy willow - a lovely spring scene!

    1. It's very bizarre. I AM enjoying it! Though I am well aware we can get plenty of bad weather yet.... but the spring days reenergise me!