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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sunshine and showers....

Mixed weather today - windy this morning, then lunchtime, what weather forecasters call "Sunshine and showers"?  Still quite mild, and lovely that the days are getting longer. Sunset today was 5.30 (though the sun got lost behind the cloud).

Just a "pottering" kind of day today.  Doing some domestic chores, and making a few flapjacks too.


  1. Are these what you call "flapjacks"? How are they made? We use "flapjacks" to be synonomous with pancakes.

  2. Mary Z - Whoa! There we are again - divided by a common language!! They're made by melting butter, sugar and golden syrup in a saucepan, then adding oats (as in porridge oats) to the mix and baking for 20 minutes. Not at all like what we would call pankcakes (though even those differ in Scotland and England!!).

  3. Pottering to some purpose, Sian. I love flapjacks but my waistline doesn't. Sigh...

    However, if you're in a baking mood, I'll send you my recipe for date and jumbo oats flapjacks along with the Bara Brith recipe - which I haven't forgotten. :-)

  4. Pottering ... puttering ... flapjacks ... pancakes ...

    They look delicious, whatever they are.

  5. strong winds and blowing snow...those look flapjacks are pancakes...

  6. Perpetua - ooh yes please - I'm trying a new recipe a week through the winter so would welcome any favourites you have!

    Sybil - yes they tasted good though I say so myself!

    Brian - Yes I gather flapjacks are not the same in the USA - which is odd because for some reason I thought they originated there. But apparently you don't even have Golden Syrup - how on earth did you survive childhood in the USA ;-)