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Monday, 6 February 2012

More chickens.....

....than I know what to do with!  And NONE of them are laying any EGGS!  (Well if they are they are well hidden)....sigh. I even had to buy some eggs the other day.  I need to explain the deal again to the, shelter, free range in return for the odd egg.....  As you can see they are eager to greet me for their morning rations!  In windy weather it's a bit hazardous going out to feed them as, although they are "in flight" they are rather ungainly, especially with a tail wind. Well wouldn't you be!  And this young "chook" is very cheeky, ready to fly into the feed bin as soon as I take the lid off!

The "flock" love to wander around the front of the house in the sun, rootling around in the undergrowth or on the lawn.

The other day Irene of Breckan spotted an interloper among the flock - an oyster-catcher!  Maybe s/he has heard about the aforementioned deal and realises I'm a soft touch - all will be provided even without the provision of eggs.....

Beautiful day here again today. While the rest of the UK seems to be freezing, we had 7 degree C temperatures of temperature (that's about 46F). But in the sunshine it was much warmer. I even stood outside leaning against the door frame, in my t-shirt, to enjoy my morning "cuppa" (cup of tea).  Lovely!  And the daffs (daffodils) are really quite early this year, though these ARE a miniature and quite early variety.. Another aspect of the mild winter.  I remember the first time I visited Graemsay in May 1999 the daffs were giving a fine display as they were late that year. I noted that winter clearly stayed around longer than "south".

Note - and the days are getting longer! Sunrise today was at 0809, and sunset at 1643! Whoo hooo!


  1. We are having similar weather here in the Northeastern USA. Today was above 7C. I hope your good talking to helps those chickens start doing their duty!

  2. No daffs here, Sian and the temperature still isn't more than about 5C. Thick mist this morning followed by cloud, with not a glimpse of the sun. sigh...

    I well remember those annoying winters when the hens went off lay because the days were so short. Mind you, once they start again you won;t know what to do with all the eggs....

  3. We had a good week, lovely sunshine. I have little daffs growing too!

  4. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    It'll be another two months before we see daffodils here in Nova Scotia.

    Let me repeat ... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. I'm new to your blog and very much enjoying learning about life on your quaint island. I live in a remote--and not remote place--meaning I can get into town in about 40 minutes, but rarely do. No chickens, but a farm, and I'd rather this warmer weather leave, because the cold is sure to return and then all my lovely, confused plants won't bloom, but will get frost bit.

    Hoping for more eggs for you.

  6. Hey up lady - what a lovely flock you have! No eggs? Argh - I could have given you some when you popped by! Next time maybe - loving the daffs - :)