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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Journey home from Stromness

I've had a sociable weekend. Friday night we had a quiz night on the island. A number of folk couldn't make it, but there were enough for two teams - I was in the team that lost - by one point! It was a fun night and Irene of Breckan did well as Quiz-Mistress.  Daphne of the Manse had decided we'd have pancakes in the interval as it was the only event we would have near Shrove Tuesday (still a couple of weeks away). So she made delicious pancakes served up with a generous helping of sugar and lemon juice. I had two - yum!

Then Saturday evening I went over to Stromness for a "night out"! A few of us were getting together at a friend's to watch a DVD of the film "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and I had volunteered to collect the fish suppers (fish and chips) from the van at the harbour. It's very popular (Peedie Chippie) and there was quite a queue, but it's well worth the wait. The batter on the fish is very light and melts in your mouth. The film was good too, though I think it helped because I'd read the book AND seen the TV series with Alec Guinness.

This morning it was back home on the boat. Sometimes returning home means a sail round via Hoy and that was the case today. But it was a beautiful morning so I didn't mind.  The photo at the top of this post is of Hoy High Lighthouse - the one next to my house. The light was stunning.

Below the boats and town were reflected in the water in the harbour.

The sun on the sea

A rain shower over the Hoy Hills

And coming round again to Hoy High lighthouse and the Graemsay pier


  1. What a wonderful clear day - and calm seas!

  2. In the 1st photo, is that your house to the lower right of the lighthouse ?

    We had a chip truck back in Peterborough (Ontario) called the "Hippie Chippie" that was painted in psychedelic colours. Sadly it didn't sell good healthy fish but rather burgers and hot dogs. And are you ready ? You could get gravy on your fries (forgive us -- we do that sometimes in Canada) :-)

  3. MaryZ yes it was a wonderful sail! Sometimes after a night out I get on the boat with a heavy heart knowing it'll be a rough ride home. But this was lovely. Sheer magic.

    Sybil - Well spotted - yes it's my house. Now a Hippie Chippie would be fun! There's somewhere in the UK where they put gravy on Chips - can't remember where now.... but I love lots of salt and vinegar!

  4. Thats what I call a night out.

  5. Ooo, you gadabout, Sian. :-) Sounds like a great weekend and as always your photos are lovely.