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Thursday, 9 February 2012


I took this photo yesterday as I was on the "early" boat to Stromness. This was taken at 0810. It was a beautiful sunrise, though later in the day the wind got up and it rained...a lot.... again......

The fulmars seem oblivious to the weather. Usually they nest on high cliffs, but they seem quite happy with there low rise abode on Graemsay!

Meanwhile I spent some time on the other side of the water in Orphir (visiting Mrs OrkneyFlowers), looking back at Graemsay (yes I know I got window reflection - it was cold, wet and windy and I was NOT going outdoors to take this photo!). It's descriptive not artistic ;-)


  1. Your world, your photos of it... It feels like magic to me. I always loved the beach off season, where I could feel the bleakness, feel the wind.

    Your world reminds me of the wistful dreaminess I have always had close by my side when I was a child.

    Thank you for your pictures. I hope you know I treasure them.

  2. A wonderful sunrise, Sian, and how nice to see the view in the other direction. :-)

  3. Jeannette -Thank you so much for your kind words about my photos. I just love this landscape, even it's bleakness in winter. It speaks to something deep within my soul. I'm happy I can share it with you and others. Just hope I never sound smug about it ....sigh....

    Perpetua - When I was looking over my blog at the end of last year I thought I MUST make an effort to take my camera a little further than my front or back door ;-) I love sunrise in Orkney in Winter - it comes at such a civilised time, when one has had time for that first cup of tea and some breakfast and awake enough to enjoy it!

  4. Bleakness can be so lovely. There is an aching beauty to the landscape.

  5. Nope, you never sound smug because you never sound as if you take that bleak magnificence for granted! Proud of where you live, but why wouldn't you be?

  6. I just get such a joy reading your blog (although it's usually early when I read it and I'm not quite caffeinated up and co-ordinated for typing comments) - what a wonderful sunrise!

  7. And a pleasure to see you it was too - I hope that my devesatated garden didn't scare you off - and I hope to take a photo of my own hoose when I come by yours :)

    Waves accross the water!

  8. Sybil - I totally agree!

    Jeannette - thank you :-) And yes I'm proud to live here ( and still can't quite believe it either!).

    Nicki - I'm glad you get pleasure from my blog. Don't worry about commenting - I'm really bad at that myself. Though it is nice now and again to get feedback and know that someone is reading ;-)

    Mrs Flowers! I just really felt for you and your garden. For me it's just a hobby but for you it's definitely a way of life and that must be SO hard! Pick a clear day and come over - tee hee!