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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Another Spring Day

This morning was just glorious. The sun shone, the sky was blue and the wrens were singing their hearts out. Their song is so melodic and when you consider their size lasts for a long period! Ooooh for the lung capacity of a wren!

Button enjoyed being out in the stillness and the warmth. No sigh of Charlie Boy for a couple of days and in his place yesterday was a pretty ginger and white cat. However the deal is, Charlie Boy has to put in an appearance to get fed, otherwise I may end up with my own colony of cats turning up for breakfast. I know from experience that when he IS hungry he appears so he must be doing well catching mice, of which there are plenty in the barn. No rats - Graemsay is fortunate so far in that there are no rats surviving on the island.

When I stayed on the island of Hoy I had to make sure I kept external doors shut or rats would run in. Fortunately I had a very canny hunter cat which came with the property I stayed in so I had no problems.

However, Spring isn't quite here yet as I saw on tonight's TV weather forecast that gales are due to arrive in Orkney tomorrow. I'm due over in town in the morning so will hopefully make it there and back before the worst of the wind hits. I don't have enough breath to fight the wind just yet! Never mind "Oh for the wings of a dove" - give me the lungs of a wren!! But I AM feeling much better and recovering from my cold - I do feel a wimp but it's easy to forget just how yucky one feels with a cold........ I promise next time you mention you have a cold I will be more sympathetic.....maybe.....

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