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Sunday 8 February 2009

Charlie Boy update

You may remember my story of the grey and white rescue cat escaping a couple of weeks ago. Well I spotted him early this past week! He was sitting on the windowsill of the kitchen (outdoors) at 11.30 one night. I got some food and quietly went outside, he ran off a way but not completely. I put some food down for him and he wolfed it down once I retreated to a safe distance. I then saw him the next day in the barn so have been leaving food there, although I haven't seen him since. He may be eating it, or the hens, or Button or one of Ethel's cats - there's no way of knowing really. He's a very shy boy so I may not see him often!

In fact he was so shy when he stayed here that I never really saw him fully, he was always hiding in or behind something. So when I saw a grey and white cat on the windowsill I had to run and check my photos of Charlie Boy to see if it WAS him. But the cat on the window had the same facial markings so I thought it was a pretty good bet!

Anyway he will be nice and snug in the hay barn, and have lots of live food to hunt (mice) as well as regular cat food if he wishes!


  1. Well, it appears you have not seen the last of Charlie Boy. He may eventually learn to trust you, but he might always be an outdoors cat.

  2. I'm glad you and Charlie Boy made contact again, however fleeting it was. He'll probably show up now and again for a free meal, and maybe even get friendly, or his version of friendly, in time. At least you know he's okay. That's nice.

  3. I think Charlie will always be a shy boy. I will probably onlysee him when he's hungry! When he lived in the house he slept all day and only came out once it was really dark. But at least I know he's found some comfort in the barn with option of "ready meals"! LOL!