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Monday, 9 February 2009

More snow pictures!

Sorry - I just LOVE the landscape covered in snow. Here are some photos taken from just outside the house.

The blue and white boat is the Hamnavoe which sails between Scrabster (North Scotland) to Stromness.

Looking towards Orphir on the Orkney Mainland.

Ward Hill on Hoy with an old Graemsay croft in the foreground.

And a close up of Ward hill.


  1. WONDERFUL photos! And that's the ferry we rode on when we were there.

  2. I do like snow - but I have to say the novelty is wearing off now - sigh. Am beginning to get cabin fever I think!

  3. I'll echo Bev, Wow! You sure got a lot of snow. That's pretty unusual, isn't it? Lovely photos.

  4. Hi Pat. We do get snow most winters, but this seems to be hanging around, and we haven't had this much for a few years. I do love the snow - but am getting a little bored now and "cabin feverish"!

  5. Those snowy hills look kind of familiar. Did I ever go up there....??

  6. Wendy: Now you come to mention it - yes I think you did go up Ward Hill......