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Thursday 19 February 2009


OK, so I'm slightly delusional...... but today I saw this little bulb stoically blooming in the garden border despite a freshening wind! And yes it may look a little blury - did I mention a freshening wind? But I just HAD to capture it as a reminder that Spring is on it's way even if it hasn't fully arrived. It fairly gladdens the heart.........


  1. It was spring yesterday afternoon in Westray - daffodils showing through already and a little warm sunshine. It's back to winter today with a chilly north-easterly blowing over from Papay.

  2. I know, wasn't yesterday beautiful. So mild and sunny! But yes now back to chilly, breezy with some white horses cresting the waves. But it's days like yesterday that will help me get through the rest of "winter"!

  3. I love it! - especially blurry from the wind. We have daffodils and forsythia in bloom. Silly plants! We've still got lots of below-freezing nights to come.

  4. How very brave and beautiful!

    I've been meaning to say thank you for putting me on your blogroll. I've never been to Orkney - but would love to. The history, the beauty, the light, the sea, the land...well, all of it actually.

    You haven't come across an old friend of mine, Pat Whiteside? I've lost touch with her. She moved to the Orkneys around 15 years ago, I think - she used to have goats when she lived in Dulverton, Somerset.

    I shall definitely be following life on your Island!

  5. Hi Paula - you must come and visit! You would be very welcome on Graemsay. I haven't come across your friend, but I have found a phone number in the local phone directory which may potentially be her and I could pass onto you. I couldn't find an email address on your site, so if you email me I'll give you the phone number.