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Wednesday 25 February 2009

Shrove - er - Wednesday

OK so I was never much of one for conventional religious observance. Didn't feel up to making pancakes yesterday so saved them for today. Ooooh even though I say so myself they were really delicious, made with eggs fresh from the hens. And with lots of lemon juice and sugar. AND I managed to flip them over in the pan - wish I could have got an action shot of THAT one. It's years since I tried making pancakes and just got a fancy for them this afternoon.

That's all for today. Tonight the virus is winning and I have lost my voice again so I shall take to my bed and hope to feel refreshed after a good long sleep. There is nothing cosier than curling up safe and warm while listening to the wind rattling around outside, because yes, we are in the teeth of another gale!


  1. We had Shrove Wednesday too, and enjoyed it. Will made pancakes for all of us - treat!

  2. And Walrus .... but we have pancakes quite often because Ru is very talented in the pancake department. We wish you well, Sian.

  3. I love pancakes - I really should make them more often but it's only when I am reminded by supermarket notices or TV ads that I think of doing them! Sweet pancakes are my favourite!