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Sunday 1 March 2009

Button on the beach

(Photo: click to enlarge - Button on the lookout for??? fish maybe??).

Button is also enjoying the signs of Spring. There may be a bit of a breeze today but the sun feels like it's beginning to warm up a little now (OK I'm not listening to the forecasts for snow this week.....). Anyway I went for a walk along the shore this morning, and Button, who had once again been hunting in the outbuildings, joined me. I've had cats accompany me on walks along the shore before, but Button actually likes to PLAY in the sand! She rolled around and played with seaweed then rushed about pouncing on things. It was difficult to get pictures of her as she moves so fast!

Seaweed rub anyone?


  1. Love the idea of Buttons wallowing in the seaweed!

  2. Such beautiful sunshine and blue sky! I am madly jealous!

  3. Mary Z: I've never known a cat for rolling around in stuff - maybe in another life she was a dog? LOL!

    Mary: if it's any consolation it's back to grey skies today.... wail....

  4. Buttons is obviously an Exceptional Cat and must be complimented on her adventurous nature ......

  5. We had a disgusting day yesterday - wind, flooding, the lot. Snow, just a smidgen, overnight, and blue skies again today!
    I'm jealous of that glorious shore line - any otters? Love your wonderful cat!

  6. Sian, here's a link to some comments from one of the authors of the Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society. The questions were asked by readers in the discussion of the book.

  7. Walrus21 - Button certainly does have an adventurous nature. It comes as a surprise to me as my only other cat, Fitzi-cat, was very timid and rarely ventured outdoors unaccompanied. So to see Button scooting around is strange and funny!

    Paula - yes there are otters, though I haven't seen any myself, just a couple of prints in the sand and other folk speaking of sitings.