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Sunday 8 March 2009

Chilly again.....

It's been very blustery since the middle of the night. Back to warm socks again - tenuous link to the attached photo! D very kindly hand-knitted me some socks. I chose the wool and I just love the pattern. It's "magic" wool that just allows the pattern to develop as you knit. Well I'm sure experienced knitters know all about this but it's magic to me! Anyway I'm jolly pleased with my new socks - not only do they look good but are nice and cosy too! Thanks D!

The ferry sailings across the Pentland Firth to North Scotland were cancelled earlier today due to weather. The wind feels like it has dropped a bit now so later sailings may go. Our wee Graemsay ferry has sailed through it all - though to be fair the Hoy Sound is more protected than the Pentland Firth!

I was over in town (Stromness) on Friday night as it was our monthly Film Night. This month we showed "The Italian Job" - the original (the ONLY one worth watching) with Michael Caine et al. We had a good turnout and everyone enjoyed themselves, staying a while at the end to discuss just HOW the boys might have got away with the gold. I just loved the cars - I weep every time I see the two "jags" and the Aston Martin getting crushed! But the "mini" is the star! My first car was a mini and I just loved it. I'd like another one as an island car, but they are a bit "low slung" and probably wouldn't do well on the farm tracks.

Last week I had a chance to go and look at the two new art exhibitions in Stromness. The Waterfront Gallery had an exhibiton of drawings from the local "Life" class. But for those artists among my readers - this is Orkney in the Winter. Nobody gets their kit off for the life class! Instead the artists content themselves with folds of scarves and fleeces, or weatherbeaten faces. Though my favourite was of a child sleeping under a pile of blankets. It was interesting though seeing how different people interpreted the same models. A number of the artists are "professionals" whose work I have seen around town, and others are gifted amateurs who draw or paint for a hobby. Some of the faces in the portraits I recognised too. So it was fun going round the exhibition.

I then went along to the Pier Art Gallery - one of my favourite spaces in Orkney. The gallery is as much of an art exhibit as it's contents. I just love the vistas of the town spied through different shaped windows. Anyway - this new exhibition was showing work from local artists who had graduated with an Arts Degre during the last eight years or so. Lots of different media were used. Some photographs, others were big bold oils, or fragile glass bubbles. There were also animations, textiles and a couple of "installations". A very vibrant mix and well worth going to see.

Well now the wind seems to have dropped a little I'd better go out and feed the hens. I noticed that one has been missing for a few days. I fear the worst though I have found no evidence or remains - sigh. And Bill the Lone Goose is still in the field!


  1. I think that would just add so much to the gallery hopping if you recognize the artists and/or the models.

    This is quite the artistic community by the sounds of it.

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  2. Figure drawing is figure drawing - even if they're not nude. LOL What a treat to see the exhibits.

    Re temperatures, the predicted high for Tuesday here is 80F. The predicted high for Friday is 48F! This is March in our area. The biggest snow we've ever had in this area was on 13 March.

    Re socks: I knit socks all the time and wear them all winter long. And I love the self-striping yarn, made out of such luscious yarn blends - especially wool and bamboo fiber.

  3. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog - am now reading yours with interest!

  4. Hi Lindsay - glad to have you visiting!

  5. VioletSky - yes it's fun recognising models and artists. Yes Orkney has quite a strong community of artists. Lots of artists move up here because of the light and the landscape and we have lots of painters, jewellery makers, and a lot of writers too.

    MaryZ - yes I suppose each has it challenges! What a contrast in temperatures you are experiencing! Our outdoor temperature at the moment is about 46F. The hottest it gets in Summer though is usually about 72 degrees F!

  6. I love those socks!

  7. Paula - so do I! They are so cosy.