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Monday 23 March 2009

Some people have......

....... way too much time on their hands. I found this on another blog - you really do have to take a look at this YouTube video. It's called "Extreme Shepherding" - no really, it's not at all unsavoury! It's a video made by some Welsh hill farmers: click here

Hmmm wonder if we could try this on Graemsay?


  1. Isn't that a hoot! Our Kate (knitter/spinner/weaver) sent us that last week. And you said exactly what I did - some people have too much time on their hands. LOL

  2. That is absolutely magnificent. The best use of sheep and lights I've seen in a long time. It would look brilliant on a small island.

    word verification: cretin

  3. Will, my son - who's an art director for film/tv etc - was approached to organise this (he was on another job at the time so couldn't, but he did ask if my sheep were available!) When he spoke about it I wondered how on earth it could work...but it did and amazingly fabulously too! I expect the farmer’s got paid handsomely for it – well, I hope so.

  4. Mary Z - you have an artistic family then? It is an hilarious video though - and the effort ant time that went into making it!

    Malc - any chance of trying it out with your pigs? LOL! As to "cretin" - I have an inclusive policy on my blog..... all are welcome - LOL!

    Paula - do you know I thought of you as soon as I saw it! LOL! I could see you doing something like that with your sheep. I thought the video was a brilliant idea and such fun to watch. And the work that went into it! And yes I hope they got paid for it. Shame Will was too busy to do it!

  5. This is hilarious...havnt laughed to hard since they let me oota the hospital!! I've passed it on to everyone I know..thanks
    As an aside, your blog is excellent, keep up the good work

  6. W00T!!! That's stunning!!! It's amazing how they coordinated it. Aren't those herd-dogs terrific!?

    Bit of trivia: I'm seeing this on a Samsung computer (made in Korea), and I caught a glimpse of Samsung as the LED supplier, I think.

  7. talk about too much time - I just spent 1/2 hr. watching the film over and over..

  8. Anonymous - glad you could drop by! Thanks for the kind words. The sheep video is great isn't it! Just had to share it!

    Sil in Corea - welcome again. I bet the sheepdogs had a great time making the video as well as the people making it - though I suspect the shepherds did quite a bit of running too. Not sure what the sheep would have made of it, wearing jackets that light up must have given them a surprise! Yes I saw Samsung come up at the end. I hope the participants got some sponsorship from them!

    Throughstones - I know - I keep watching it too! LOL!