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Friday, 20 March 2009

A walk on the wild side

Well to be fair it's Button walking on the wild side not me! Today is the most glorious warm Spring day. Just right for the Spring Equinox, where the length of day and night are equal. YES! Spring is here! I heard the skylarks call rising in the field behind the house, and the lapwings and oystercatchers down by the shore. The wrens are twittering around the byres, and the sparrows look busy - I've seen them disappearing into holes at the top of the byre. The starlings must be nesting too.

A walk along the shore was sublime. The water is so blue and still. I tried taking a few photos, but again Button thought it was all about *her*!

Tonight I'm off to friends over on the Mainland for a Spring Equinox party - hopefully on the beach, or if the weather changes then around the warm stove in the kitchen or the conservatory.

Anyway back to the Spring Equinox - although the length of day and night across the globe are, in theory, equal, there are slight variations the further from the equator you go. So today in London there will be 12 hours 10 minutes and 35 seconds of daylight and in Glasgow it will be 12 hours 11 minutes, 49 seconds of daylight - and probably a minute more in Orkney!

I was rather hoping that the clocks would also go forward this weekend for "British Summer Time" but I see from my calendar that I have to wait another week for that event. Oh well can't have too many celebrations at once!

I feel like a dormouse emerging from hibernation, feeling the warm rays of sun on my body and warm ground beneath my toes..... Hmmm maybe not a good analogy with Button around. OK time to clean my whiskers and practice my happy dance for the party tonight!

This is a picture taken of a rockpool on the "shell" beach:


  1. Party??? Have a great time!

  2. Oh, but you'll be on the 'wild side' tonight. Enjoy the Spring Equinox Party

  3. So pleased you have warm Spring weather along with the equinox ......

  4. Yup - I walked on the wild side too! LOL! And the weather has been so glorious. Even the mist didn't dampen our spirits. Today was chilly mid morning but the sun has come out now and I can dance again!