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Sunday 22 March 2009

Fire - part 2

No, not another fire, but I wanted to post some pictures of Malcolm demonstrating how he starts a fire. I needed to check he didn't mind being posted on my blog first! So here are the photos, he is using a traditional bow drill method. He also runs courses where people can learn this art, here's his website: Five Senses

Once there is smoke coming from the wood at the base of the bow, this is used to start the fire, just a small pile of wood first then building up once the fire has taken hold.

From small beginnings...... anyone else see a Phoenix rising from the flames or just my whimsical imaginings? ;-)


  1. I can most definitely see a Phoenix.

    Your Spring Equinox celebration sounded perfect too - especially the S'mores!

  2. Ah - a kindred spirit - LOL! And yes the celebration was wonderful. And we were so fortunate with the weather as the next day the wind and rain returned. But no matter, the weather IS warming up and the sun is around a little longer!

  3. absolutely there is a phoenix rising up. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!