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Wednesday 18 March 2009

Note to self....

Do not endeavour to put up new washing line without first removing freshly collected eggs from one's pocket. Sigh - I should know better by now. A couple of years ago my mobile phone met a sticky end - literally, when I jumped into the car forgetting I still had eggs in my pocket form the morning collection. It was an old phone and I didn't try claiming on the insurance - wasn't sure quite how to explain that my phone now had egg yolk oozing out between the keys.....

And the hens were outraged this morning, quite rightly, when they saw their hard work being scooped out of my pocket onto the grass, all yolk and shell mixed in together. Sorry girls - I'll try and be more careful in future.

Still - at least I will be able to try out the new washing line, once my jacket has been through the washing machine!

Second Note to Self:
Pay attention when throwing ingredients into breadmaker..... I often put seeds into my bread, my favourite being sunflower and pumpkin seeds. So I buy large packets from Tesco and secure open packets with an old fashioned clothes peg. Um..... I THINK I had two clothes pegs when they came out of the cupboard, but when I went to put them back in the cupboard I can only find one. I'm hoping it's isn't in the breadmaker..... oh well it'll add fibre I suppose - sigh.

And finally, for today at least I hope!:

When putting a "jacket potato" in the oven to cook for lunch, remember to check one has turned on the oven or lunch will be - er - a little solid and raw..... (posted at 13:11)


  1. These things come in threes.

    Watch out for the wash - not too hot!

  2. Are you having one of "those" days?

    ...WV was 'bread'!!

  3. Yip - some days are just like that - sigh. LOL about the WV being "bread". At least the clothes peg didn't appear to have got into the loaf - phew!