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Friday 6 March 2009

I'm ready for my close up.....

.... Mr de Mille.... or at least I think that's what Button would say. Today is a beautiful bright sunny day and I thought I'd go for a short walk and take some photos. Though bright sunlight wasn't probably going to produce the best conditions for some close up photography, but it was a good enough excuse to be outdoors. However, it's Spring, the sun is shining and Button wants to come for a walk too. She managed to get into practically every shot I took. What is it about cats and their nosiness?

So, above, we have "Landscape with Cat"............. and (right) we have "Crocus with Cat" - er I'm not sure if she was drinking the dew off the grass or making a comment on my photography!

And here we have "Cat doing Owl Impression". If Mick's out without his specs he'll be taking photos and sending them off to the RSPB declaring an unusual siting....!

And finally, this was supposed to be a fine example of shell sand, coral and pebbles among the grass.......

But I *did* manage to get a shot of some green shoots in the garden without Button - but oooh look there she is in the background.....

AhA! One without Button......


  1. What great pictures of Button. I especially loved the one on the roof. Looks like you two have bonded well.

  2. Which narcissus? Ours is tete a tete.
    Marvellous Button shots.....

  3. Love the Button photos and the daffodils.

    Also glad that you enjoyed the Guernsey book. I'll pass your comments on to the group.

  4. What a ham! Get that cat a movie job!

  5. That got me chuckling...the Button Prima Donna!

  6. Hiya, just discovered your wonderful blog. And what a magnificent pusscat you have in Button. Looks like she is not the smallest of cats.

    I have a rescued wussy lad, Zebby (of the super sized appetite resulting in his current pear shape).

    Very impressed that you have cat flaps available that recognise a cat's individual microchip. Too much for Zeb to comprehend, but useful to know for the future.

    Hope you have a lovely springtime, Mickle in Wellingon, NZ

  7. Bev - yes I'm delighted that Button and I are getting on so well. Given the hiccups with the other two foster cats I'm glad ONE has settled happily!

    Walrus21: Um... I'm not sure what variety these narcissus are. Except they are dwarf ones. I put them in a couple of years ago when the standard size were getting so battered with the wind. I thought being nearer the ground these might do better. They're earlier too so I get a nice show of colour from beginning of March. The regular daffs come out in ORkney about the same time as my tulips did south!

    Mary Z: Yes please pass on my comments to your Book Group. Must remember to phone my sister with the queries!

    VioletSky - oh yes, I seem to always adopt cats that think it is all about them! Maybe all cats are like that?!

    Pat: Hmmmm Button on the Big Screen - well I'd like the Dollars but I think Button would become unbearable! LOL!

    Paula: Oh yes she is certainly a Prima Donna. Though good company too and gives me lots to smile about.

    Mickle in NZ - welcome to the island! Your Zebby sounds like my late Fitzi-cat, who was a very portly gentleman who lived to eat and sleep and was grumpy if anything else was expected! Dear Fitzi was adorable but definitely not the brightest bulb in the box. I still miss his gentle character. I wanted my new cat to be completely different and Button couldn't be MORE different! She's a sharp cookie OK.