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Monday, 8 November 2010

Action Cat

I just love this photo of Button! The pure energy and grace of a hunting cat.  She was out in the field behind the house, having been cooped up for days indoors with gales and rain.  She just rejoiced in the freedom to explore the field. I saw her hunting and it was a pure fluke that I managed to capture the action shot!!

It has to be said she failed on this attempt, but did provide me with an "offering" later in the day. I told her to take it outside and dispose of it, opened the door and she went out muttering.  [The squeamish should not read further....!] I looked out the window to see her munching away in the light of the cat flap! She then popped back in and demanded a little light supper in her dish........ that's cats for you!

Note re waxwings - I mentioned waxwings a few days ago. Today I found this blog on Fair Isle (part of Shetland Islands) - do take a look at the amazing pictures!  It's a new blog so think we need to encourage more fantastic photos!


  1. Love the photo of button hunting, and thank you too fo posting the Waxwing photos - amazing.

  2. Welcome back Wessex Reiver! I look forward to hearing more of *your* adventures. And yes the Waxwings photos were wonderful. Amazing birds - I feel guilty now I was unimpressed when I saw them myself a couple of weeks ago....sigh