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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Knock Knock.....

I was quietly getting on with work the other day and I heard a tapping at the front door.  I opened the door - nothing..... just the hens on the grass scratching about.  Hmmmm did their air of concentration look a little too studied?  I closed the door and went back to my work.  A few minutes later there it was again.... tap..tap... tap.... I opened the door - just innocent looking hens...... O-kay...... back to work.... tap... tap... tap.... I thought "Right girls you're not going to get the better of me THIS time!!"  So I snuck out the back door and round to the front where the girls were all clustered around the door!  On closer inspection they were pecking at the putty at the bottom of the door guard!  I'm assuming the linseed oil attracted them or something.  I muttered darkly about consequences if my door leaked this winter and they wandered off to perfect their air of innocence......


  1. A minor "pestiness" from the girls, I hope - they are such beautiful Chooks!

    And hope you are still getting happy eggle supplies for eggle eating,

    xxxx Michelle (Zebby Cat is pretending to sleep as he waits for his daft human to get to sleepy-byebyes - to share his bed with him, LOL!)

  2. they'll be wanting dessert when that is finished!

  3. Excellent blog, and thanks for commenting on mine.
    Wow, living on an island with 23 people - that could be heaven - or hell - depending on how you get on with them!

  4. I'm still chuckling away over the antics of your dear chooks. Most especially as my wussy darling, dear Zebby cat, would run and hide if a hen so much as looked at him!

  5. Mickle - cats are generally sensible and soon learn that hens have nasty pecky beaks and beady eyes and run! No eggs though! The older hens stop laying in the winter and the young ones won't start till about the spring so I am having to BUY eggs. The girls have been given a severe talking to! But they deserve a rest in winter.....

    VioletSky - Yes I get mobbed now whenever I set foot outdoors! Their favourite scraps are sphaghetti and rice as they think they are grubs!

    Jeremy - Generally you have to be fairly laid back to live in a small community! And if you want anonymity you need to live in a city as nothing goes un-noticed ;-)