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Sunday, 28 November 2010

More snow....

More snow overnight. Still not very deep on Graemsay, and very crunchy so fun to walk in (unless you have paws). I'm staying nice and snug indoors most of the time, as is Button, but we both "took the air" this morning.

The young hens are somewhat bewildered as to where all the grass has gone. I cooked up some spaghetti and rice for them as a treat (they like spaghetti as they think it's a pale worm!).

Water running from a land drain is frozen on the shore.

Another snow shower coming in

Time to head home to the warm!


  1. Beautiful photos, Sian. I especially love the subtle colours of the last one. Hope you (and cats and hens) are keeping cosy!

  2. Not doing too badly here. Nice and cosy indoors and actually we're not getting the freezing temps during the day you seem to be south - though it IS cold!

  3. Just think, you might still be living in the caravan!!!

    I wish I could see the house now, I have such a vision of warm coziness in my head. Last time I was there it was just a pile of rocks.

  4. Just the weather to have a cat pre-warm you bed. Your friend Irene's little kitty, Squeak, seems to be loving the snow.

    Despite the average daily temp here being about 21C Zebby is still snoozling under his quilt every afternoon and evening (with crucial breaks to top up his ample tummy), and snuggling up to me overnight - my dear, daft darling!