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Monday 29 November 2010

Yes more snow....

Well to be honest it has thawed then snowed again, so we don't really have any deeper snow than we did before. When I went out to shut the hens in for the night a couple of hours ago it was still thawing, but who knows what the next few days will bring.  All the schools in Orkney were closed today as lots of the rural roads are tricky to travel along. Not that the island kids seemed to mind having another day off school - they were out with sledges earlier today! I think all the children throughout Orkney are hoping for more snow and all the parents are longing for a thaw!  Although Orkney isn't doing too badly with snow it is far worse south in Scotland. I think the main route (A9) has been blocked for much of the day.  Thankfully I don't need to go anyway in a hurry!

Above is sunrise this morning rising above the hill at Windbreck at about 8.45am.  Most of the fields are empty around Sandside now as a lot of the cattle have been taken indoors for the winter, and sheep moved to other fields.  So the fields are left to the curlews and lapwings, who have been a bit disconsolate the last few days.

Last night there was a bit of a breeze and I love the way the snow is clinging to the stone in the garden dyke.

Snow over the Orphir Hills on the Orkney Mainland


  1. I got letters by E-mail from UK and sounds terrible the snow! Was anxious to read your blog but does not sound so bad at all! Happy to get info from the real source!
    UK is not used the snow!
    Thanks for the communication.
    Julia/blueBird from the blog:
    Happy days!

  2. Hi Blue Bird - well other parts of the UK are having a horrible time. I work from home as a researcher for the University in York and they've all been told to go home as the weather has deterorated so badly. Others have a couple of feet of snow. But in Orkney it's just a couple of inches so not too bad, though bad enough!