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Friday, 19 November 2010

Ship ahoy.....

Before the raging gales of the last three days our local Graemsay ferry managed to deliver my heating oil. You can see it being winched off the boat in the background to the photo.  The tank holds about 1,000 litres and the process of getting it to my domestic oil tank can sometimes be a challenge due to weather! The fuel is classed as "dangerous goods" so can only come out on certain runs. Unfortunately the weather closed in before it could be put on a tractor and trailer and be transported up to the house, and even then it was a case of waiting for the wind to drop before pumping it into the household tank at the back of the house (it's an electric pump but you have to stand over it!).  So advance planning is required when ordering fuel!

There was also another shipment of lambs going off to the Mart. The lambs have been in their fields since they were born earlier in the year and will probably go off for "store" lambs to be fattened up for future use. At least they had a calm trip over this time!

The gales raged for three days and apart from going out to feed the hens and Charlie the barn cat I haven't set foot outdoors!  I do however have a treadmill so have been getting *some* exercise.  Button disappeared under the sofa and emerged only when necessary.  Today the weather has improved considerably and Buttion is out "taking the air" as I type.....


  1. Hi Wendy, the trials of Island life. I read this in deepest wiltshire and in a house with oil heating, but it makes me realise how hard life can be on an island, but when it's good, it's good. At least now you'll have heating all winter. Stay indoors and have a wee dram!

  2. oh poor lambs, thinking they are going on a wee holiday to visit cousins.....

  3. Hi Wessex Reiver - umm actually my name is Sian (though I think that got buried down the list somewhere). I credited my friend Wendy (from London) with the photo of the island as SHE walked up Ward Hill on Hoy and took the photo while I sat drinking tea at the bottom.

    VioletSky - yes I am MUCH more aware of what I eat now and how it is produced, AND what it goes through...

  4. Glad you've got your heating sorted out before winter really sets in. Here we have our first snowstorms and no central heating, so I am a teensy bit envious! We have a tank full of waste oil, but the boiler doesn't like this latest delivery and keeps expiring in clouds of acrid smoke, so for the moment we are making do with the trusty wood-burning stove downstairs and a LOT of layers upstairs!