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Thursday, 4 November 2010

More archaeological finds

For those of you interested in archaeology excavation work has started in South Ronaldsay (one of the linked south isles in Orkney) on a Neolithic chambered tomb. This tomb was discovered by accident in September and this last week a team from the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology (ORCA) have been working on the site, led by Dan Lee. The dig is a race against time as one of the chambers is filling with water and so they are trying to uncover and preserve the fragile contents, which include human remains.  There is a regular video diary available to view here    The poor team have also been battling against atrocious weather with gales, horizontal rain and hail!  Exciting finds though!

Note (5 November) some photos on the Orcadian Newspaper Archive


  1. Mary - I know- it's exciting!

    Bev - LOL! JCB ( is a manufacturer of all sorts of mechanical equipment, but in the UK a JCB is used to refer to a mechanical digger! Probably because most mechanical digger's in the uK ARE made by JCB...... It's a bit like using the term "hoover" when referring to a "vaccum cleaner" - but we could be on dodgy ground there....