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Monday 10 December 2012

Aerial views of Orkney (Part 3)

And here is the final one.... showing the island of Shapinsay (briefly) and then onto Kirkwall, the main town on the Orkney Mainland, along the Churchill Barriers to the linked South isles. The wrecks you can see near the shore are now used for diving and training for divers. A short hop over to Flotta and back to the South end of Hoy.  But still no Graemsay.....


  1. Sian, sadly our broadband connection is too flaky for more than a couple of minutes of video at present, but I'll bookmark these for when it improves.

  2. Thank you for these three videos, they have brought back delightful memories of our three holidays in Orkney - I dare say they won't be our last either. Linda x