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Saturday 29 December 2012

Playing with my camera....

I've been out playing with the settings on my camera, guided by my Camera Guru (via email).  So for your entertainment (or not!) here are a selection of "arty farty" close ups of a walk on the beach.... oh and of course some pictures of Button and the hens..... they can't be left out of any walk or photo-shoot! Above Button is in "sheep-dog" mode supervising the chooks exit  from the shore!

A rosehip, surviving the winter frost and gales so far

The keel of the old burned wooden boat

The tough tangles of seaweed

The microcosm of the shore....

This is so delicate, how does it stand the tides?

Such pretty shells

Seaweed growing into shells, shells growing into seaweed?


  1. Beautiful pictures, and close ups.

  2. I love your shells and bits of coral. Your photos are great. Remember the camera is just a mechanism. The "art" is in the eye and mind of the camera operator!

    1. Oh absolutely the camera is just a tool. A great camera doesn't mean great photos! I've been playing with some of the manual settings as I want to do more plant photos and close up subjects. Plus be able to deal with the different light we get through the seasons which sometimes means I get disappointing photos where a slight tweak of a setting might bring out a stronger image. The only time I get to practise is when I'm on hols :-)

  3. I like to see you playing with the camera ;) Good pictures nice world :)

  4. Super photos, Sian. Sorry I haven't been around, but barely a minute to myself at the moment.... :-)

  5. Lovely photos. Some of the coast images could be from the eastern shore here.